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New Guinea Bibliography

FIND files for Papua (formerly Irian Jaya)

Compiled, collated and written by Professor Terence Hays, Rhode Island College.
        © Copyright Dr Terence Hays, 2003. Reproduced with permission.


These files, organized alphabetically with two exceptions, are drawn from both published and unpublished sources. They include names of hamlets, villages, clans, "tribes," languages, etc. as provided by authors, grouping together names that appear to be variant spellings. Lower case letters indicate hamlets or villages, while upper case is used for the whole name when it is said to be a "TRIBE," DIALECT, or LANGUAGE. Language names also appear in boldface, as do reported synonyms with regard to entities larger than hamlets or villages.

The first exception to alphabetic organization has to do with the letter "j." Given orthographic conventions in Dutch and German, as well as various renderings in English, "j" and "y" are considered to be the same, and to be found under "j", e.g.

Jaboeai -- SENTANI Hoogland 1940(1955)
Jabué -- SENTANI Wichmann 1917
Jabuai -- SENTANI Wirz 1929; Galis 1955-56, Kooijman 1959
Jambuëe -- SENTANI Wirz 1929
Yabuai -- SENTANI Wirz 1928, Voorhoeve 1975, Silzer & Heikkinen 1984

The second exception concerns the Dutch use of "oe," which herein is treated as "u"; names beginning with "oe" are thus to be found under "u."

Authority citations other than "Ts" (typescript) or "PR" (patrol report) are listed in my bibliography.

Terry Hays, October 2003

  © Copyright UNIPA - ANU - UNCEN PapuaWeb Project, 2003.

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