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New Guinea Bibliography

LOCATE files for Papua (formerly Irian Jaya)

Compiled, collated and written by Professor Terence Hays, Rhode Island College.
        © Copyright Dr Terence Hays, 2003. Reproduced with permission.

Note on usage:

These files are organized by language name as given in Grimes 2000 (Ethnologue - see www.Ethnologue.com). The first part of the file includes text, in chronological order but with various statements by the same author grouped together, pertaining to the location of the language, dialect information, number of speakers, etc. Both published and unpublished sources have been included.

The second part of the file lists, first, various spellings and other information with regard to language names (in boldface). Then, hamlet, village, "tribal," and dialect names are listed alphabetically.

Terry Hays, October 2003

  © Copyright UNIPA - ANU - UNCEN PapuaWeb Project, 2003.

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