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Compiled, collated and written by Professor Terence E. Hays, Rhode Island College.
        © Copyright Dr Terence E. Hays, 2003. Reproduced with permission.

(warning: some of these files exceed 500kb - see below)

This New Guinea bibliography has been prepared by Professor Terence E. Hays at the Anthropology Department of Rhode Island College. The bibliography documents ethnographic research across the island of New Guinea. Professor Hays has generously made this bibliography and his accompanying LOCATE and FIND word lists for Papua (formerly Irian Jaya) available to Papuaweb. This bibliography has been exhaustively researched from published and unpublished sources in English, French, German and Dutch (with limited reference to Indonesian and Pidgin language materials).

The bibliography comprises some 1680 pages of text (in pdf format) with more than 21,500 individual references. Because of the size of the bibliography, it has been split into sections alphabetically. Where the file for a single letter exceed 100kb, this file is also available (below) in sub-sections. This includes the sub-sections for the Pacific Islands Monthly and Papuan Villager as noted in the introductory comments by Professor Hays.

It is the intention of the Papuaweb editors that this bibliography will eventually be available as a fully searchable online resource (together with the other bibliographies in this section of the website). Until then, searches may be conducted alphabetically or with the assistance of the local Google search engine.* For users with a fast internet connection, the entire bibliography may be viewed, searched and/or saved for use offline [6.3Mb pdf].

(* Google may not yet have catalogued all the pages of this bibliography)

Bibliography in sections (files by sub-sections no larger than 100kb)

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