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Luigi Maria d'Albertis

New Guinea: What I did and what I saw

Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, London (1880).

First published in Italian in 1880 as
Alla Nuova Guinea: Cio che ho veduto e cio che ho fatto
(Italian edition based on the English original)

Volume I

My Voyage of 1891-72-73 [18Mb pdf]
(Explorations in West New Guinea)

A Voyage to Yule Island in 1875 [8Mb pdf]

Volume II

Fly River expeditions [22Mb pdf]

Read a review of this book by Alfred Russel Wallace published in Nature.

Portrait and colour plates

These images are reproduced from plates inset between pages (pp.) as indicated.**
Click the image-link for high resolution versions of these illustrations (warning 2-3Mb files).

Luigi Maria D'Albertis

Lophorhina superba (pp.82-83)

Parotia sexpennis (pp.104-105)

Drepanoris Albertis (pp.114-115)

Paradisea Reggiana (pp.222-223)

Note: ** D'Albertis reproduced these illustrations from Gould and Hart, 1879.

Biblioteca di Castello D'Albertis
The library in Capt. d'Albertis's Castle (cousin to Luigi Maria) in Genoa, Italy
(visit Castello D'Albertis: Museo della Culture del Mondo)

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